Optimize the Use of Voice Search

Voice searching is trending in popularity usage and is picking up pace quickly among B2B and B2C customers!

For businesses, enabling your website to gain search results using voice search can be easier than you might think. It will not only put you ahead of the competition, but will also affect your overall SEO efforts.

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Link Diversification & SEO Rankings

The goal of SEO is to obtain a high ranking placement in the search results of a search engine, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! By having link diversification added to your SEO strategy, it will provide a natural development of quality links.

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Google AdWords & PPC

Google AdWords registered over 2.3 trillion+ searches in 2016*

Online advertising with Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers and grow your business. By using PPC and Google AdWords you can create a campaign to help your business improve website traffic and increase the amount of potential customers.

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Job Postings

AMS is seeking Web Developers, Telemarketers, Sales Representatives and Interns to join our Marketing Team.

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Dominate Local Search

Change is constant in SEO. Recent trends and site optimization can help maximize your benefits when customers search for your business. Here are 5 ways to dominate local search and become noticeable in SEO. Contact us today to maximize traffic to your site and begin your SEO strategy plan.

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Clear Communication

Good advertising is about clear communication. Speaking directly to your target audience may turn some leads away, but that just means they weren't your ideal customers to begin with.

Creativity is not a Talent. It's a way of operating.

When we think of creativity as something mysterious and magical, we put it out of our own reach. Creativity is for everyone, not just the chosen few.

Dedicating Time to Social Media

When you get down to the brass tacks, marketing efforts that don’t lead to sales at a certain point waste your time and money. Selling on social media can be fast for some (online retailers) and slow for others (B2B services), but only dedicated effort will get you there.

With all the excitement and publicity viral videos bring, there can be an illusion that social media is a fast track for success. In the real word, social media is much more like a workout: show up every day, put in your best effort, and over time you’ll build your brand and see the result in sales.

Just don’t expect it to happen overnight.

Do You Really Want to Grow Your Business?

Do you want really new leads? Then you must do something different. That sounds simple, but it’s astounding how many companies we see that simply go with the flow, spend money on marketing and the result is they just blend in with everyone else. The solution is to call us to discuss how you would like to stand out and get noticed.

Each Stage of your Website Lead Generation Funnel

It is important to understand track and identify with each stage of your website lead funnel.

•Visits – Define a visit simply as a unique visitor to your website. We call them the window shoppers, looking to see what’s out there and educate themselves during the shopping process. Having a more shoppers is always good.

•Lead – we consider a lead simply a lead. There’s no qualification. The measurement we use for this is names that are added to our database. This could either be the result of requesting, information, downloading something online or making a phone call.

•Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – these are companies or individuals that have identified themselves as being more engaged, have the pain that needs solved, and a meeting or next step is identified.

•Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) – these are companies or individuals who not only have the pain but have been indemnified a potential match for your services and are open to conversation.

Connect to Your Audience

Social media allows you to connect with your audience in direct and tangible ways. Brands no longer have an excuse not to understand their consumer, their consumers are constantly telling them, and the rest of the world, exactly how they feel. Take advantage of social media to really understand your audience.


Good advertising is about clear communication. Speaking directly to your target audience may turn some leads away, but that just means they weren't your ideal customers to begin with.

Social Ad Targeting

We live in a world where getting noticed gets tougher each day. Companies have to fight harder than ever for even the smallest big of attention.

Marketing to the masses does little for your brand these days. Advanced targeting allows brands to target their niches more effectively and, as a result, connect with their audience more effectively.

Social Ad Targeting Helps Brands Get the Best out of their Paid Social Strategies: Ad targeting lets brands put their content in front of a vary specific group of people. It’s time for brands to put the right content in front of the right audience – especially when they are paying for it!


Social Media Marketing

The power of social media lies in its "social" aspect. It has the power to create communities and allows businesses and brands to connect and engage with people through those communities. But business and brands should engage with these groups as they would with any community; authentically and with the desire to be a part of something, not just to sell something.


Marketing on the web isn’t about forcing yourself on others – it’s about providing value that will draw them to you.

Business and Product Development

This checklist is a good starting point for you as you begin your business. It is intended to assist you to make sure you are considering the main items when starting a business. Some of these steps may be different or may not apply to your business. Please consider that there may also be additional steps required by your businesses which are not mentioned below.

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Social Media Management Company

Over the past few years, businesses big and small have been forced to ask themselves where social media fits as part of their larger marketing mix. Enterprise level businesses might be considering relegating social management to their in-house marketing departments or hiring a new full-time employee to manage their social media marketing. Both of these solutions have some serious flaws that can be solved by hiring an outside social media management company. Here are five advantages of hiring a social media management company for your business.


Adwords and PPC (Pay Per Click)

AdWords and PPC [pay-per-click] can give you crazy amounts of traffic if you are tight with your campaign and run niche ad groups. Focused, long-tail keywords that are specific to your industry will cause the highest possible click-through rate and in-turn conversions. Call AMS today to create your AdWords Campaign, (248) 912-1285 or click on www.calladvantagenow.com for more details.

Marketing Materials

FACT: Marketing materials don't have to cost a lot! If the brand fit is authentic, the message is on target, and the ultimate program is win-win for those involved, you can often do a lot with little up front investment. Call Advantage Marketing Solutions TODAY to re-vist your strategy plan and start bringing in new customers and clients.