Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Generate up to 16 Million impressions a year!

Vehicle graphics are full-color high-resolution vinyl graphics with a protective laminate that are applied to cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, boats, RVs, trains and buses. As vehicle wraps are printed from high resolution images, businesses can use their own photos, logos and text to create a driving 'billboard.'

A vehicle wrap can be applied to any vehicle that is being used as part of a business for marketing, promotion and advertising. Vehicle wraps are an effective promotional tool because they combine the key elements of marketing, advertising and branding, into one convenient solution. They are high impact, cost effective and they work for all types of businesses. Vehicle wrap advertising allows a vehicle to serve as a low-cost mobile billboard and become a driven media.

Why Wrap Your Vehicle?

  • Wraps are the single, most cost-effective form of advertising available.
  • A wrap is 40 times more cost-effective than a standard television ad.
  • Wraps work around the clock.
  • Wrapped vehicles get your message in front of the consumer!
  • The cost of the typical vehicle wrap is less than the initial set-up and first two months of a billboard advertisement and lasts for over 3 years.
  • Vehicle signage on the average yields about 16 million impressions each year.


A full vehicle wrap can transform any vehicle into a powerful, high-impact mobile billboard as more then 90% of the vehicle can be covered with your marketing and advertising. By using special perforated window film, the glass on your vehicle can become part of the design as well, while still allowing you see out from the inside. A full vehicle wrap includes the front, rear and sides of the vehicle and the side and rear windows (roof and hood are optional).

Full Vehicle Wrap


A partial vehicle wrap uses cut-vinyl lettering and logos along with the original body color and factory paint to maximize your advertising dollars. Partial vehicle wraps offer a large savings compared to other forms of advertising, can easily be shipped and installed, and are highly effective for both long and short-term advertising. Partial vehicle wraps can still give you a high-impact look while keeping an eye on your budget.

Partial Vehicle Wrap


Simple text is an easy and effective way to display your company name, logo, tagline, address and phone number. AVS offers hundreds of text styles and color choices designed to make your information stand out on any vehicle color. Simple text works well for long or short-term applications and is easily removed.

Simple Vehicle Text


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