Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services

Consulting Services for Business, Financial Institutions and Trade Associations

Consulting requires special insight, planning and experience. With 20 years of consulting experience, Advantage Marketing Solutions understands how to position your organization for results, and promote the value of your products and services. We have an excellent track record in implementing successful value-added programs that generate revenue. We work with our clients to evaluate publications, direct mail communications, web sites, newsletters and event programs for the most effective advertising sales opportunities.

We can assist you by:

  • Reviewing your previous advertising efforts to find ways to expand your audience, results and profits
  • Researching your client base to determine the products/services they value most
  • Developing lists of prospective advertisers and prime-target accounts, and contacting their decision makers
  • Negotiating price and contract terms
  • Building relationships that result in immediate and continuous income
  • Implementing successful value added programs
  • Assisting with reorganization plans
  • Establishing growth strategies, including market expansion or product and service diversification
  • Identifying new competitive products
  • Reviewing barriers to entry and exit for new products