Heather Hensel

Heather Hensel

Marketing and Research Specialist

Heather joined the Advantage Marketing Solutions team in 2017. She has a strong business background in the retail and food industry. Her main role in the organization is to assist clients in marketing research and business development. She also assists our team in project management and organization. Her key tasks are helping our clients are in a few areas:

Reputation Marketing

  • Ratings Made Simple
  • Email Marketing, Landing Pages, & Call Tracking – Active Leads
  • Online Chat – Don’t Go Let’s Chat
  • Word Press – Front-End Web Development and Design

Heather works directly with the clients in regards to current tasks such as, promotional products, research & development, front-end web design and edits, email marketing, landing pages, call tracking, and reputation marketing. She also assists one particular client as project coordinator for continuing education courses.

While working in the retail industry, Heather has learned excellent communication and organizational skills. Communicating with customers in the retail industry is similar to working with clients in the business field, whether it is in person, over the phone or through emails. She also works well in a team environment, small groups, and individually. During her retail experience, she helped launch a new department called ClickList, which is an online food-ordering program.

Her greatest achievements have been a completing a Bachelor’s Degree and MBA Master’s Degree achieved at Eastern Michigan University and Walsh College respectively.

Heather loves working in the marketing field and helping clients grow their businesses. She is known for being a fast learner and has the ability to take on new tasks. In her free time, she likes to spend time with family and friends. Her hobbies include Zumba and walking her black lab mix, Joey.