What Our Clients Say

“I have really appreciated the personal attention I received from the staff of Advantage Marketing over the past three years. I have learned a lot they are great in answering my questions or walking me through any problems. They really do care about me and my business.” Dr. Jeffery VanHook

“It’s a pleasure to work with this great team of professionals. They take a genuine interest in our business to ensure we are maximizing our efforts. I also enjoy Kathy’s energy, enthusiasm and passion.” Peg – Canton Township

“Much of our income relies on our website and being easily found on the internet. Advantage has saved us thousands of dollars each month and also improved our on-line presence. Their level of support is great. I have never dealt with faster or friendlier customer support. I would recommend their services to anyone.” Kerry, Great Lakes Electronics

“This group is just great. Terry was very involve and provided so much good advise related to launching my latest company’s website. I’m now having them redoing two other company websites that I own. I have and would recommend these guys to anyone. I had a professional site completed in three weeks.” Charles Dunn

“I’m really impressed on how much better my SEO and Google campaign are going now! I’m spending less and getting more visibility and traffic than with my old service provider. They took the time to understand my business and that’s a real Advantage working with Advantage Marketing.” Bruce, Foreign Currency Exchange