Change is constant in SEO. Recent trends and site optimization can help maximize your benefits when customers search for your business. Here are 5 ways to dominate local search and become noticeable in SEO. Contact us today to maximize traffic to your site and begin your SEO strategy plan.

Five ways to dominate local search and maximize SEO

1. Title Tags

A good title tag tells your customers what your business title is and what your business is all about. What info will make a customer click on your title tag?

Optimize your title tag by:

  • Be creative and stand out
  • Use describing key words and put key words first
  • Make full use of the characters given (160-200 characters given)
  • Make title tags for humans and formatted for multiple search engines
  • Keep your title tag in the front and user-friendly

2. Directories

Local search is becoming more competitive than ever. Beat the competition with a focus on local people, events, gatherings, and charities. Become the best in your local community.

3. Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is an online directory. This site can help you Pin your location on a Google Map to provide your customers your exact location. You can use these additional features to enhance your page:

  • Location Address
  • Location and/or Business Photo
  • Hours of Operation
  • Pictures or Tour of your business
  • Phone Number

4. Reviews

Customer reviews and comments are detrimental to your business success. They provide potential customers with insight to your business from another outside view. People share personal stories and experiences with the company listed. Focus on positive reviews and gaining new potential customers. A positive review is a powerful marketing asset to share with potential customers. Encourage satisfied customers to write a review by posting links on affiliate websites and social media.

5. Use Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup is a tool used for search engines to understand your website content. When adding a schema, the search engine will present your site in attractive and user friendly ways for your customers. It will also provide more information about your business and improve the display of your search results. The outcome will help your site stand out from the multitude of other sites.