Are You Wasting Money by Doing or Not Doing Google AdWords?

Yes, Google AdWords can be a great lead generator and profit-generating sales machine.

Advantage Marketing Solutions is a Google Certified Partner!

In our many years in the industry of Internet Marketing, we have seen many companies who have tried to handle their own Google AdWords campaigns without the help of a PPC (Pay Per Click) professional. We also understand why many firms try it in-house instead hiring out.

Why pay someone else to manage PPC, it looks easy. Well it’s really not easy! It takes a lot of effort, training and experience. In 96% of the cases we reviewed, the cases that were handled in-house attempting to save money actually cost them much more money. Worse yet, they didn’t even know they were wasting so much money.

By being a Google Partner, we deliver quality service, a competitive advantage, and hard work to help our clients grow their online presence. Our PPC strategies and solutions are proven methods to help our clients get the fullest potential from all Google has to offer. We use the most up-to-date practices, and always use white hat procedures. We also keep up with PPC Best Practices. We specialize in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, providing advanced expertise in keywords, search terms, and analytics to best fit our clients’ needs.

Being a Google Partner allows us to:

  • Developing the Best PPC Practices. Google’s pay per click (PPC) practices are made available to certified members of the partner program. Allowing us to become stronger and know more about how to stay SEO focused for our clients.
  • Complete Use of AdWords. Google allows us to take advantage of all features and settings available in Google AdWords. We will be sure that your campaign is running at its best while also being cost effective.
  • Mobile Devices. In the mobile world of technology, everyone is reaching for their mobile devices. Our team knows the principals of mobile effectiveness and the importance of mobile design.
  • Better PPC Performance. Better PPC execution means lower cost per clicks, better ROI, and a strong optimization strategy can allow your campaign to continue to development and succeed.
  • Professional Development. Our staff is passionate about new Google training programs that help us learn and have the potential to become more knowledgeable about all Google has to offer.

We can help! Contact Advantage Marketing Solutions to learn more about our online marketing solutions. We will even give up to $150.00 to spend on Google AdWords.

Call us today at 248-916-0227!

Google Partner
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