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The Promo Handbook™ by Orbus Exhibit & Display Group® offers the promotional industry one of the largest array of portable display products. It offers a wide range of traditional displays and signage through banners and signs, table throws, pop-up displays, banner stands, and many more. For more item details and pricing click on The Promo Handbook™ listed above.

Nothing supports your marketing efforts better than exceptional promotional imagery. Our experienced graphic designers can transfer images, artwork and logos to a wide range of products and structures. We offer a variety of display products and accessories to meet your business needs.

We also offer additional items to support your business or event through trade show displays, indoor & outdoor graphics, billboards, directional signage, event schedules, and many more.

Displays and Signage



At Advantage Marketing, we know how to design and produce the visual elements necessary to generate excellent marketing exposure, and maintain brand consistency. We make sure your organization’s logo, colors, typefaces, and other images remain consistent across your variety of graphics and signage.

Featured signage can include lobby and expo displays, indoor/outdoor displays, vinyl graphics for vehicles and boats, and other signage solutions.

Outdoor Signage and Vinyl Graphics can create an attractive brand message and advertisement for your business. They can play an informational role while becoming an important marketing strategy of visual communication.

To learn more about our Graphics and Signage, please call us at (248) 916-0227.

Doshi Infographic Signage


Window and wall graphics are a great way to showcase your brand. Bright, beautiful, full-color window and wall graphics are a quick and cost-effective advertisement that will capture the interest of a potential client. Window and wall graphics come in several materials and are designed to fit your needs.

Window Lettering
Window Graphics


Clear window decals and clings are a perfect solution for business windows, allowing visibility while offering full color, highly radiant and appealing transparent window sign. They are perfect for business signs, stickers, and labels. Clear window clings can be removed and re-positioned making them great for holiday promotions, and other temporary and reusable signs. Clear vinyl film is another option but, it is a more permanent window graphic and has printing on the front with a clear adhesive backing. You can choose an inside glass option with a front adhesive to apply inside the window facing out.



Static window clings adhere effortlessly to a glass surface and are just as easy to take off and move around. They are a perfect alternative to small vinyl decals and can be used to fill a small window panel up to an entire storefront. Static window clings have no adhesive and do not leave behind residue.



Window lettering is a traditional and timeless method of signage with a very classic look. When applied, it appears as the graphic is part of the window. Store window lettering is available in a variety of fonts and custom sizes to fit any of your signage needs. Vinyl window lettering are bright and vivid colored vinyl that is affordable and easy to apply to any flat surface. When designing your window lettering, visibility is crucial. We will help you design your window lettering to achieve the maximum impact possible.

Clear Window Decal
Window Graphics