Five E-Mail Marketing Tips We’ve Tested

Everyone has an opinion or piece of advice on how to achieve email marketing success—all aimed at issues from improving open-rates to avoiding spam filters to remaining CAN-SPAM compliant. With the increased importance that e-mail marketing campaigns continue to play in most marketing plans, we feel most organizations have room to really improve their corporate image and results.

TIP #1: Write better subject lines.

With the ever more crowded inbox that email marketers continue to face, a compelling subject line is even more critical to the success of any email campaign. One very successful technique is writing your subject line as if it were a headline for an article. That being said, you don’t ever want to over-promise or mislead your audience.

TIP #2: Stay true to your brand.

Successful branding begins with a well-defined brand that is RELEVANT to your market. Once you’ve developed and defined a relevant brand, you must begin building the brand through CONSISTENT execution. Repetition is the key to the success of the branding process. Make sure your email campaigns remain brand consistent with every element—from messaging to logo to colors to tone to content.

TIP #3: Never stop building your subscriber list.

It takes perseverance to grow your recipient or subscriber list in a relevant and meaningful way. Some of the best—yet overlooked—sources for your list is through networking events, professional associations such as the Chamber, current clients and anyone who contacts your company for information.

TIP #4: Remember the Preview Pane.

Many email users keep their preview pane feature turned on, allowing them to view at least the top two inches or so of your email before deciding whether or not to open the message. Use those top two inches to your advantage by emphasizing the call to action or key point of your email in that area. Remember: the key is to compel your recipient to open the email, and then include your explanatory copy in the middle section of the message. Repeat your call to action at the bottom of your message for those “scrolling” types who only read the top and bottom and simply scan in-between.

TIP #5: Make sure you always have a functioning “unsubscribe” process.

Allowing your reply address to function as one of your unsubscribe mechanisms is necessary to remain CAN-SPAM compliant. As you know, unsolicited commercial email messages must include either a “return address” through which someone can unsubscribe or another “Internet-based” mechanism, clearly and conspicuously displayed.

Email marketing is one of the most successful and cost-effective ways to reach your prospects and drive business to your website. It’s also very important to Remain True to Their Needs (and your brand) and learn from each campaign. Remember: if you stay relevant, you’ll stay top-of-mind. To learn more about Advantage Marketing Solutions, visit our website, or just call us at 734-953-4845.

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