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Business owners are always looking to improve their company brand, reputation, and online presence. Everyday is an opportunity for growth and improving your digital profile. The internet is a powerful tool, which means you must strive to be ahead of your competition and finds ways to elevate your company’s digital footprint. Now is the time to review your website and digital marketing strategy. Our tips will help you to find ways to make your online presence stand out, be unique, have strong content, and attract customers, clients, or patients.

Maintaining visibility and online presence in your industry is crucial to the long-term success and vitality of your business. Become confident that your digital footprint & marketing strategy is strong and prominent.

We’ve listed five ways to improve your online presence for your business:

  1. Keep Creating New Content for Your Company or Brand

Don’t delay in spending time to create new content for your website. Develop content for a blog, add links, keep social media up-to-date, or add a monthly newsletter for your customers.  There are many free resources to create blog topics, social media calendars, monthly newsletter topics, etc.

It’s easy to get distracted by everyday tasks and looking ahead for website content may be the last thing on your mind, but it is more important than you think.  The importance of creating new content for your website and your customers is part of your overall presence and brand.  Here are a few reasons why it is important to continue content: deepens relationships with your customers, generates traffic to your website, and builds brand awareness.


  1. Update Your Website’ Visual Content

Just like keeping your content flowing and updated, your website’s pictures & graphics, CTA’s, and visual content are no different. Like the old famous phrase, “A picture is worth 1,000 words” well it’s still true, any visual content on your website is just as important as the written content. Entice your web visitors to click here or gain their interest by a stellar picture or graphical image.

Pictures can enhance your brand and give your business a recognizable & enjoyable look and feel. Ensure your website is memorable, make it stand out from others. Make your web presence simple, modern, and easy to connect with your customers. Often business owners will seek the opinions of friends, family, or trusted business relationships about what works and what doesn’t work.

Look for their advice on freshening up content, headings, and other visual elements that can elevate and bring on a new clean look.  Suggestions say to review and revisit this task every year or so.


  1. Don’t Disregard SEO

In recent studies, over 39,000 Google searches are submitted every second, which means that having strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is vital for your business & brand. Optimizing your SEO strategies takes time and consistency. Start by thinking ahead & staying focused on optimizing your SEO to maximize user traffic to your website.

Beyond matching the words in a consumer’s search results with relevant information on the web, search engines also aim to prioritize the most reliable sources & content available. For instance, Google is designed to identify indicators that can help determine which pages demonstrate expertise, trust, knowledge, and authority on a given topic or search.

If you were to do a Google search for just about any term or set of words, you would quickly notice the top-ranking results are generally published in the past year, month, or week. By adding new content and updating current/old content on your website, it will make your site more appealing and will tell Google it’s a better resource and should rank higher than other sites. If all things are considered equal, Google will place a higher priority (higher ranking) on sites that update their content frequently and on a consistent basis. If Google recognizes that your site isn’t being updated, it will hurt the rankings on all pages of your site.

Lastly, consider how SEO-friendly your website is and consider revamping your content so that it speaks to your target audience and your ability to reach new customers. If you disregard your SEO, it could negatively impact how your business will rank in the search engine results and hurt your connection with customers in the long term.


  1. Checkout Your Competition

A big part of running a business is being aware of who your competitors are, what they’re doing, and how they’re doing it. Most businesses in today’s economy have an online presence, that makes it easy to keep your competitors on your radar. A few things to note about competitors are products & services, pricing, branding & design, customer loyalty programs, media & social activities.

The easiest way to monitor your competition is to check out their website and social media accounts.  Google also has alert tools available for you to monitor your favorite businesses, or your competition. Set up alerts for your competition’s new products or services, new promotions, or sales.


  1. Check Online Listings and Your NAP

In today’s aggressive marketplace, the technology-driven market must be updated and accurate. Although Google is the main information source for most businesses, don’t forget other online directories such as Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp.

While Google is a must for online directories, don’t undervalue the importance of some of the less popular directories. Listing your business on as many online directories as possible can help strengthen your visibility & digital presence for any customers that may be searching for your business.

The main directory everyone lists on is Google My Business (GMB), an online directory within Google. This listing feeds directly into Google search results and it valuable for search engine optimization (SEO). By adding your business address, you can pin your location on a Google Map to provide your customers your exact location.

The NAP (name, address, phone) of your business will need to be integrated into your website, as well as GMB. Avoid the common mistake of only including your NAP within an image – images can’t be crawled from search engines like HTML text on your website. The most common location for the NAP is in the footer or header of the site. It is also important to list your NAP on your contact page with an interactive a map.

Ensure your name, address, and phone number are consistent online. You’ve got to make it easy for people and search engines to find you. Make sure your business name is spelled exact and is correct everywhere and anywhere throughout your site, including GMB. Your address also needs to be accurate and identical in all listings. FYI – punctuation and spaces matter, especially when your business address contains St., Rd., Ave, Suite # or spelled out names such as Street, Road, Avenue, etc.

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Improve Online Presence
Our tips will help you to find ways to make your online presence stand out, be unique, have strong content, and attract customers, clients, or patients.