Consulting Services for Business Marketing

Give Your Business the Marketing Advantage

Wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey, we can help.


As a business owner, leading your company from creation/entry, through growth, to maturity, and finally to the exit from your business, you will appreciate the guidance from a team of dedicated and focused professionals…your trusted advisors.

Few organizations have the resources, expertise and time needed to keep up with marketing trends and optimize their strategies accordingly.

Sometimes all it takes to improve a brand or turn a marketing strategy around is a new outlook. A fresh mind with a different perspective on things can generate an increase of sales and results. Marketing consulting firms like ours can generate new and innovative ideas that will help you see a positive change in marketing your brand.

Whether you need to build an entire marketing strategy from scratch or refine your approach, our marketing consulting services can help update your marketing efforts for the best results possible.

Acquired Professional Competence


We Can Help

  • Understand your goals and objectives,
  • Provide recommendations and outline a meaningful strategy
  • Introduce you to a short list of proven professional advisors with expertise to support and implement the strategy.

We provide our time and talents to meet your needs, thus resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective method of marketing your company. Our team will take the time to gain a deeper understanding of your business to help service your marketing needs, resulting in a positive effect on the view and presence of your brand. With the help of our business consulting service, clients experience:

  • Reduced Staffing Costs & Risk
  • Increase Efficiency & Resultstrusted business advisors
  • Greater Skills & Resources
  • Staffing Flexibility
  • Provide Fresh Insight
  • Less Time Consuming
  • Eliminate Turnover/Training
  • Built in management of our team
  • Eliminate the concern of a bad hire
  • Diverse Team Talents & Knowledge
  • We cover employee, benefits, payroll taxes
  • You don’t pay for staff on Vacation or Sick Leave


We Are Proud Members of Michigan’s Trusted Business Advisors

We are part of a network of business advisors that supports top management and company owners that are seeking a support team that provides advice, mentorship and solutions. Each member of our group has been selected based on their acquired professional competence to assist business owners while bringing improvements to various factions – e.g., operating performance, financial performance, profitability, and ultimately, value.