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Mobile Websites can improve your business presence for the busy 21st century. Making your website mobile friendly can make it easier for customers to access your website and increase the average time they spend on your site. Here are 5 ways a mobile website can benefit you, your business, and your customers.

Marketing has become more mobile in the last 5 years than ever. According to a study by Neilson, many households have even gone “mobile only” and 93% of adults own a cellphone. All the more reason for your business to have a mobile website. It can provide stronger relationships with loyal and potential customers.
By having a mobile website your business will have a competitive advantage over those that don’t use mobile websites. The advantages of mobile websites can increase sales, improve the user experience, and provide SEO improvement.

1. Reach & Readability. You can reach more customers by making your mobile website easy to navigate and easy to read. Many different phone carriers have different screen sizes and software platforms, be sure you are accommodating to all types of mobile devices including tablets.

2. Load Time. By having quick load times are important to the customer on the go. The average load time for a mobile webpage is 6.9 seconds. But research shows that load time above 3 seconds will have the customer more likely to leave your site. The speed can become faster or slower depending the amount of content, images, and elements a website has.

3. User Experience. Customer connection and engagement will enhance the user experience on a website. On mobile devices, there is so much competition with apps that your website must stand out by its ability to engage the customer longer. Mobile interactions like “click-to-call” is a great feature to add to your mobile website.

4. SEO. Mobile websites have a separate ranking on Google. By optimizing your website for mobile availability, your ranking in the search results on a mobile device is easier due to a much smaller index of mobile content. By your higher ranking can help your website become more visible in Google searching.

5. Affordable. Budget is a consideration for all business, but mobile websites can be less expensive and can result a bigger bang for your buck than apps. Mobile websites can be more flexible than an app because your site will be readily available without download and phone specifications. You can also reach a wider audience for more potential views. Mobile websites cost less in maintenance, updates, and bug fixes.

To learn more about mobile interactions and mobile websites, check out the “The Mobile Movement” video presented by Google, on our mobile website page.
If you need help making your website mobile friendly, we are here for you! Advantage Marketing Solutions specializes in web design and mobile marketing techniques to help grow your business and optimize your website for all devices. Give us a call today at (248) 912-1285!

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