Optimize the Use of Voice Search

Voice searching is trending in popularity usage and is picking up pace quickly among B2B and B2C customers!

For businesses, enabling your website to gain search results using voice search can be easier than you might think. It will not only put you ahead of the competition, but will also affect your overall SEO efforts.

Voice searching is commonly used over text searching and has been increasing rapidly.

Here’s how you can optimize your website for voice searching:

  • In comparison to the text search, voice searches will be longer in query length. Do some research for long-tail keywords and use them in your content. It’s not a separate imitative, but just an expansion of your existing SEO practices.
  • Give your website natural/conversational language and tones so that multiple platforms and search engines can find your website relevant for the inquired search context.
  • Optimize for your local area. Voice search often targets nearby locations. It is critical that your business is listed and verified in local directories such as Google My Business, Bing, Facebook, and Yelp.

Google stated in a recent article that about 20% of queries on its Google mobile app and Android devices are resulted voice searches. Voice searching has been rising in popularity over the last few years. Not only on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, but in many car companies, electronics, and appliances. Many of us are familiar with voice seaching helpers such as: Siri by Apple, Cortana by Microsoft, and Alexa by Amazon. Now Google has a voice activated “assistant” called Google Home.

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