Seven Email Marketing Tips for Any Business

Email marketing trends have changed over the years, but we still know that email marketing continues to play an important role in your business’ marketing campaigns. Email marketing is still an effective way to market your business and most companies have room to improve their company’s brand & image with email marketing.

There are many opinions or pieces of advice on how to achieve email marketing success— however you can achieve successful email marketing campaigns with our simple & effective 7 email marketing tips for your business.

TIP #1: Write Catchy Subject Lines/Headlines

With the increasingly crowded inbox that email marketers continue to face, a compelling & catchy subject line is even more critical to the success of any email campaign. Email subject lines that don’t hold bold & creative text can be easily ignored or deleted, make sure to have a click-worthy subject line to make your readers want more.

Your email subject line can include words to create a sense of urgency, while giving readers some indication of what to expect once they open the email. You can also include words that ask a question or may challenge a common concept. One very successful technique is writing your subject line as if it were a headline for an article. That being said, you don’t ever want to over-promise or mislead your audience.

Another tip when writing subject lines for your emails is to stay within the 30-50 characters (including spaces), this reason is most often because of email account settings & mobile devices often cutting-off any subject lines that go beyond this length. Keep in mind to optimize your subject line for readability on smart phone & mobile devices.

TIP #2: Stay True to Your Brand & Provide Valuable Content

Successful branding begins with a well-defined brand that is RELEVANT to your market. Once you’ve developed and defined a relevant brand, you must begin building the brand through CONSISTENT execution. Repetition is the key to the success of the branding process.

Make sure your email campaigns remain brand consistent with every element—from messaging to logo to colors to tone to content. While keeping your brand consistent, to entice more readers of your email campaigns supply then with useful, valuable, and relevant content.

Another great tip when it comes to content, it to keep it short! Recent studies show that shorter emails obtain better conversion rates. Make sure to be clear & concise while provide content that pops.

TIP #3: Remember the Preview Pane

Many email users keep their preview pane feature turned on, allowing them to view at least the top two inches or so of your email before deciding whether or not to open the message. This preview pane, sometimes called the pre-header, adds valuable context to your email message and can help increase your open rate.

Remember the key is to compel your readers to open the email. Use those top two inches to your advantage by emphasizing the call to action or key point of your email in that area. It is often that your subject line and pre header should complement each other and not be duplicate content.

TIP #4: Keep the Conversation Going by Connecting Through Social Media

Growing your business using email marketing is a useful tool, while paired with social media can bring value to continue the conversation between you and your audience. Using email marketing in conjunction with social media is a powerful combination, but to get the most out of both, it is best they complement each other.

You can invite the readers to connect with you on multiple social media channels and use call-to-actions for them to keep in touch and follow your regular posts. The social media channel(s) you choose to feature must make the most sense for the audience intended, while making the value of sharing or linking your brand profile is clear and straightforward.

TIP #5: Mobile Friendly Emails

It is safe to say that most business users will read your email on a desktop or laptop, but the reality is that nearly half of all emails are opened on a smart phone or mobile device. Recent studies show that the number of mobile users will likely hit 5 Billion+ by the year 2025.

More people are searching the web, reading emails, shopping, and scrolling social media pages on smart devices than ever before. Thus, your email campaigns are no different. With that in mind, we have touched on email subject lines being optimized for mobile readability, but your entire email should be mobile-friendly, and optimized for any smart phone or mobile device.

To complete this task, consider the content length, email frame, font icons, images, graphics, clickable text, call-to-actions, and everything in between. Be mindful that some image files may not display on smart devices and lots of graphics or images may slow down the load time. An expert tip is to test your emails on multiple devices and make changes for the best delivery for any mobile device.

TIP #6: State a Clear Call-to-Action

So, you’ve already completed your subject line, optimized for mobile friendliness, provided valuable content, and earned the attention of your reader. Now what? Although getting your audience to at least read your entire email maybe a feat in itself, most often your audience wants to be told what to do next.

Your email should have a purpose and goal for the intended audience to make an action, this is easily attainable with a call-to-action (CTA). Tell your reader what to do next, for instance your “action” can be any of the following: visit your website, call your sales team, contact you by email, fill out a form, subscribe to your newsletter, or like your company on social media channels. Lead your audience to your goal by using an effective CTA.

Customizing your CTA can have remarkable benefits, for example, changing a few words or playing with the order of words can increase your click-through rate tremendously. Use simple, yet striking imagery combined with short sentences and dynamic verbs, can result in a powerful conversion. By having a genuine irresistible offer, your call to action should sell itself.

TIP #7: Always Have a Functioning “Unsubscribe” Process

Often placed in the email footer, displays an unsubscribe link for your audience. This link will allow your readers to cancel or opt-out of receiving any further emails from you or your company. But truth is, if you’re providing quality relatable content, most of your readers won’t even pay attention to that unsubscribe link.

This may be the last email marketing tip, but by far the most important. The unsubscribe link is necessary for the success of your email campaigns longevity and important to protect your email deliver-ability, also is required by spam laws around the world. By including the unsubscribe link in every email, this gives your email the best chance to end up in your audience’s inbox rather than in their spam folder.

Additional benefits of including an unsubscribe link to your readers are:

  • Comply with spam legislation
  • Keep your email list up to date
  • Avoid user frustration
  • Get valuable feedback

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Seven Email Marketing Tips for Any Business
You can achieve successful email marketing campaigns with our simple and effective 7 email marketing tips for your business.