Police Inteceptors

Advantage Marketing Solutions specializes in producing custom Vinyl Graphic Products for many types of Law Enforcement Agencies. Our vehicle product line includes custom & stock graphics, badge and accessory decals, stealth kits, and black/white door wraps.

Custom Graphics

Custom police car graphics give your fleet the professional, progressive look that enables your department to represent your community with pride. With years of experience in vinyl custom police car graphics, you can always be sure of our professional service and installation. Our competitive pricing and superior service provide value that is hard to find. Allow us to bid on your current police graphics or let us work with you to develop a brand new custom look.

Stealth Kits

Stealth vehicles are fully marked, but have low-profile (“stealth”) appearance during the day as the graphic film closely matches the vehicle’s body color. Stealth graphics are made of reflective film and are highly visible at night. Any of our designs can be made into a stealth version. Just tell us your vehicle color and we’ll help you choose the reflective film that best matches it.

Don’t let cost get in the way of changing your departments’ vehicles over to Black & White! You can save money by wrapping the four doors of a black cruiser in white vinyl instead of getting them painted. On average, painting costs more per car and when you factor in the need to repaint the doors when trade-in time comes. Vinyl wrapping saves money and there is very little costs associated with removal for trade-in vehicles.

To learn more about our Police Interceptor Graphics, please call us at (248) 916-0227.

Badge Decals

Use our custom decals on:

  • Fenders, Doors or Pillars
  • Motorcycles and Helmets
  • ATV or other Utility Vehicles
  • Speed Trailers
  • Large Command Centers
  • Signs around the Department


Accessory Decals

Police Accessory Decals

Black/White Door Wraps