Online Reviews


We help you proactively ASK for feedback and reviews

  • Your customer shops with you or completes a service with you and we help you ask them for feedback and online reviews.
  • We have numerous proactive methods to help engage as many of your customers as possible.
  • Email and SMS requests have many options using ”Request Modes”.


Single address or list upload


Text with image


iPad or smartphone

Save time and money with a simple, robust, and actionable solution. Get the tools you need to monitor, request, capture, and analyze feedback, reviews, and ratings all in one place. Features, tools, and reports so you can learn from, manage, and respond to your customers. Receive notifications, read and respond to feedback and reviews, share reports and insights. Take action to manage your customer’s experience.

Fuel your marketing with customer generated content. Showcase reviews on your website to impact SEO and add social proof. Turn reviews into stunning social media content to win new customers and grow your revenue.

More ways to connect with every customer

Deliver a simple and quick digital experience to every customer to capture feedback and reviews. Select a mode that meets your needs and gets noticed to capture more feedback and reviews.

Online Reviews

Ultimate Mode

3-Step process that requests:

  1. NPS Score
  2. Direct Feedback/1st Party Reviews
  3. 3rd Party Reviews
Direct Mode Online Feedback

Direct Mode

1-Step process that requests:

  1. 3rdParty Reviews
  2. Optional (NPS Direct Feedback)
Kiosk Reviews

Kiosk Mode

Connects with your customer on site
to gather ratings and contact info.
Follow-up with direct request.

Your feedback matters

Sentiment Paths

Based on NPS, define positive and negative experience paths

Mobile Friendly Website

Responsive & Customizable

Mobile-friendly design is easy to use across devices

Upload logo, refine appearance, and edit copy to reflect your brand

online review sites


Monitor new 3rd-party reviews on sites like Google

We monitor the sites you select on a daily basis to detect new online reviews.

Email notifications are sent and all of your review data is captured in our system so you can learn, report, and respond. We offer over 35 sites to choose from.

Online Reviews Via Text


User Activated Requests via Text

A customer self-activates the process by sending a “keyword” text to a dedicated SMS number. An auto-reply message delivers a link.

Turn multiple environments into review request opportunities for your business.

Invite your customers to contact you by displaying your TextBack number and “keyword” in a variety of channels.