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Website Security

Advantage Marketing is an authorized partner with Sucuri. We can install our basic website security platform to detect and protect your website security. Our services will provide you with peace of mind and the best security solutions when they are needed most. The benefits of our Sucuri package will provide monitoring and protection year-round, without the hassle. Sucuri has eight targeted benefits that can protect the security of your website. Sucuri also features automatic cloud backups, supporting websites created on WordPress and Joomla!

Automated Backups
Keep your website backed up and stored in the cloud. We take precautions to ensure that your
website has automated scheduled backups. Backups are retained for the previous 90 days.
Malware Prevention
No website owner wants their website being used to infect online visitors. Whether it’s to install a Trojan virus or steal credentials to their social platforms.
Blacklist Repair
Monitor and create a safe online experience for users. We integrate a number of the top blacklist API’s allowing us to quickly see if your brand is being affected.
Malware Detection
The Sucuri system provides continuous monitoring every 12 hours to help avoid malware
Security Monitoring
Scanning for malware is but one piece of the puzzle. There are a variety of other securityrelated
events that you should be mindful of, like DNS and WHOIS modifications that you didn’t
Malware Cleanup
We will support the cleanup of most infections, such as website defacements, backdoors,
phishing or any other number of attacks. Cleanup is usually completed within 1 day.
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation attacks have increased in popularity. Often
the attacker has to do little to cause your website harm. The goal is to disrupt your business by
taking your website offline and staying ahead of these attacks.
Vulnerability Exploitation Prevention is the biggest contributor to website hacks today. These
attacks come from insecure or older website code being exploited. The Website Firewall helps
stop those vulnerabilities from being exploited.

We are tired of having our time wasted by spam and that’s why we’ve partnered with SpamDrain. Join us and experience how hassle-free life can be without spam.

SpamDrain is a solution that stops email spam before it reaches your PC, server or mobile device. This web-based solution is cost–effective plus easy to set up and maintain.

Receive a daily SpamDrain report

The report contains information about blocked messages that could be valid emails. You can retrieve these emails via links in the report.

24/7 access to blocked messages

You have access to your online SpamDrain Dashboard at any time. Just log on to to retrieve blocked messages and report spam.

Free smartphone app

Download our application from the App Store or Android Market to help you set up your account. The app also shows you blocked and delivered messages, and helps to report or retrieve emails.