Website Calculators

Online calculators are great strategic web marketing tools. Use them to bring current and potential customers to your site while introducing your services. Financial calculators are smart additions for banks, credit unions, accounting firms, and mortgage and real estate companies.

Website Calculators

Why choose our Financial Calculators?

  • Integrate right into your existing website
  • Do not require your customers to install JAVA
  • Are cross-browser and cross-platform compliant
  • Can be run from a single page in your website
  • Are easy to understand and use


Available Website Calculators

Home Financing
Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
Balloon Mortgage
Early Mortgage Payoff
Fixed-Rate Mortgage
Home Affordability
Mortgage Comparison
Mortgage Qualification
Rent Or Buy


Personal Financing
Car Affordability
College Savings
Credit Card Payoff
Debt Consolidation
Loan Affordability
Loan Payment
Loan Payoff
Loan Rate
Major Purchase

Present Value
Initial Investment
Future Value
Investment Yield
Monthly Savings
Portfolio Yield
Savings Amount
Savings Rate


Retirement Longevity
Retirement Savings Contribution
Retirement Savings Rate
Retirement Spending
Roth IRA
Traditional IRA

Lease Affordability
Lease Payment
Lease Rate
Lease Residual

If you do not see the calculator you would like listed above, please contact us at 248-916-0227. Custom calculators available upon request.

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